Cheapest Toy Organizer Ever!


Okay, I’m not sure if it is actually the cheapest ever, but it was cheap!  Since having my son, I have always wanted to be organized but have had trouble wanting to spend $12 dollars on one basket to put toys in for example (I do have a few but it took me a few years to get to my current collection).  Now that my son has several Playmobils that he got for Christmas we needed a few containers to  store and separate the pieces.  I happened to be at Walmart Neighborhood Market doing some grocery shopping and decided to look at their disposable tubberware.  Then I found it – only $4.99 for 6 containers (including a large one that works for his new blocks) and they each have lids with bright, nice-looking colors.  If I had thought of this sooner, I could have had his toys organized more cheaply long ago!  I just thought I would share in case anyone else is looking for cheap, sturdy, but nice enough looking containers for storing toys!


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